Vitamix 7500 Review

The Vitamix 7500 Blender is a powerful and multi-purpose blender. Didn’t Understand? That’s mean this blender can handle almost any blending task, like crush ice and frozen fruit, grind nuts or coffee, prepare soups, smoothies, salsas, juices, and other recipes. In this Vitamix 7500 Review, You will know about its Pros (Advantages)  and Cons (Disadvantages). We have discussed everything in this Vitamix 7500 Review.

Vitamix 7500 Blender Summary & Highlights

Vitamix 7500 Review

Vitamix 7500 Specifications:

Motor:2.2 peak horsepower
Capacity:64 ounces
Accessories:64oz pitcher, tamper, lid, cookbook
Dimensions:17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 in
Controls:10 variable speeds, pulse, start/stop
Blades:Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
Colors:Black, White & Red
Made in :USA
Warranty :7 Years
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The Vitamix 7500 blender platform is G-Series and the G-series product line was introduced in 2013. The Vitamix 7500 motor is powerful and has a unique design that, compared to previous Vitamix models, dampens motor noise by as much as 40%.

The 2.2 horsepower motor and laser-cut stainless steel blades can easily crush the toughest ingredients like nuts and seeds. To help reduce noise and overheating, the G series models also have a new airflow and internal cooling system.

The Vitamix 7500 is easy to use and easily accessible to anyone. The blender comes with smart features and works efficiently to always give you consistent results.

The Vitamix 7500 comes with a container of 64oz, but it’s also compatible with 32oz, 48oz, and 32oz dry grains containers. It also comes with a tamper, professional Vitamix recipe book, and Getting Started DVD.

Features of Vitamix 7500 Blender

Here are some key Features of Vitamix 7500 Blender:

  • Powerful 2.2 horsepower motor with a maximum 37,000 rpm
  • 17.5” x 9.4” x 7.7” total Dimensions
  • 1640 Watts
  • Laser-cut stainless steel blades
  • 4 inches in diameter Blades
  • 10 Variable speed controls
  • 64 oz clear container made from BPA-free copolyester material
  • Cord length 6 feet
  • Low profile container with measurement markings
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Start/Stop Toggle
  • Available colors – black, white & red
  • Weight is 12.5 pounds or 5.67 kg.
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • Additional accessories available
  • 7-year warranty

Motor Power and Base Unit

Vitamix 7500 Blender

The Vitamix Blender comes with an extremely powerful 2.2HP motor, which produces less noise and works faster. Although the Vitamix 7500 is a powerful motor, it is fairly quiet compared to other blenders.

In addition, the blades spin at an impressive 37,000 RPM. It also has the functionality to control the blender motor with different modes. Even at low speeds, you can easily process spices with these features.

It is also fitted with thermal protection features to prevent any problems with the motor. Thus, even at its highest settings, it will not quickly overheat.



Container Details:

Material:BPA-free Tritan Plastic
Max Capacity:64 ounces or 2 liters
Type:Low Profile
Height:10.1 inches
Weight:2 pounds 10 ounces
Tamper:Yes, Included
Dishwasher Safe:No
Compatibility:Full-size G-Series
Measurements:Ounce and cup lines

The Vitamix 7500 blender comes with a BPA-free container whice is beautiful scratch-resistant and holds 64 ounces (2 liters). The BPA-free container, which will last for several years, because its made of Easterman Tritan Copolyster . As glass is not secure for handling high loads, So, this is a better material than glass.

In addition, the 7500 Vitamix comes with a low-profile container and is considered a blender with a lower profile. This means that the container height is just 10.1 inches high, compared to the classic standard size of 13.4 inches.

As a result, it weighs just 2.63 pounds in the Vitamix 7500 container. In addition, the short low-profile container helps the blender to fit under or within the average kitchen cabinet.

You can use other containers with this base if the 64 ounces is too big for you. They come in different sizes, so you have plenty of options to choose from.


Vitamix 7500 Blades

Blade Details:

Material:Aircraft-grade industrial steel
Diameter:4 inches
Blade Type:Wet blade Included
Attachment Type:Fixed or Non-Removable

Vitamix 7500 blender comes with Laser-cut, Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. The blades are 4 inches in diameter to allow for maximum efficiency. A wet blade assembly with a container is included in the Vitamix 7500 blender.

For chopping smoothies, ice cream, soups, nut butter, grinding, etc the wet blade is really great.

Control & Speed

Vitamix 7500 Control

A notable feature of the Vitamix 7500 is its control panel design, which is known to be made after classic blenders. However, it’s easy to operate and use the Vitamix 7500 blender. For example, As you can see in the picture above, the base unit has 2 toggle switches, one for on / off and the other for pulse function.

The variable speed dial is between the two toggles, allowing for 10 different speeds (1 low and 10 high). It is possible to adjust these speeds when the blender is in use. In other words, you don’t have to turn off the blender to change speed.

You need to blend everything manually because on this blender, there’s no pre-set program feature. However, when blending and adding different textures, the 10-speed controls give you precision control, such as you can use the low speed to chop up ingredients. In contrast, blend at high speeds if you want a smooth consistency and texture.

Functionality & Blending Tasks

Chopping: On either low-speed or pulse, chopping can be performed. Choose from the variable speed controls which are easy to operate. Whether it’s chunky salsa or a smooth chip dip, the 10-speed control enables you to get the consistency you want.

Grinding: The wet blade can easily and quickly mix butter or flour for pancakes, pizza, cookies, etc, and can easily grind coffee beans, nuts and grains. However, the dry blade is even better for mixing dry ingredients such as flour, So it may be sensible to purchase it.

Smoothies: Like other blenders, The Vitamix 7500 mixes any raw vegetables or fruit with smoothies or milkshakes. For Example, Blueberry skins, blackberry seeds, and even chia seeds can be transformed into your shake or smoothie by mixing at high speeds. No granular seeds will texture. It will be silky smooth at all times.

Pureeing: This Blender 2.2 HP motor is guaranteed to be able to break all kinds of hard fruits and vegetables without adding any water. As a result, without too much hassle, you will get the smoothest and purest thing that will enrich your recipe’s flavor.

Hot Soups: Using the Vitamix 7500 Blender you can make a steaming-hot soup in 10 minutes without an oven.

Frozen ingredients: You can use Vitamix 7500 Blender to grind frozen fruit or ice. You will be able to easily grind ice for daiquiris, margaritas, or other beverages. In addition, Under 20-30 seconds, you can create a dessert with a high-speed setting for mixing ice cream fruit juice, and ice cones.

Noise Level

Although this blender brings a powerful motor, the Vitamix 7500 blender can make your kitchen a bit noisy when you use the blender in combination with hard ingredients, despite its noise-reducing properties.

However, this device is already 40% quieter than others in the brand, so if you want to reduce the noise in the kitchen, it may already be a great choice for you.


Vitamiz 7500 Warranty

Vitamix has been around since 1949 and is in the USA. Vitamix is one of the best premium blender brands for commercial and home use.

The Vitamix 7500 Blender comes with a 7-years warranty. Vitamix Blender will repair motor bases, blades, and any container within 7 years from the date of purchase. If you like, You can also add 3 yrs extended warranty for $75.

Pros & Cons of Vitamix 7500 Blender

Pros and cons is another important thing that we must know about any product. Here are the pros and cons of the Vitamix 7500 Blender:

  • 2.2 Peak Horsepower Motor
  • 4 inches Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Works with wet and dry blades
  • 64 oz large container
  • 10 variable speed controls
  • High-quality material
  • easy to operate
  • Can Turn Cold Ingredients Hot
  • Multifunctional Features
  • 7-year full warranty
  • Very Pricey
  • Some people prefer glass blender jars


The price of the Vitamix 7500 can be more than $500, as the price sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down. You should check manually. The price of the Vitamix is normally more than $500.

Where to Buy Vitamix 7500?

You can Order the Vitamix 7500 on their official online store or you can buy the Vitamix 7500 from Amazon. You can get free shipping through Amazon and Vitamix’s official online store.

Final Thoughts

If you have read the full Vitamix 7500 review then you can make the right decision about Vitamix 7500.

So, Will the Vitamix 7500 be right for you? We hope it would definitely be. The extremely strong motor, the quality blades of the aircraft, and the wide range of possible functions all make this blender is perfect. The Vitamix 7500 was recommended by many buyers to their family and friends.

In the end, the real decision you have to make is whether you can afford to spend more than a simple blender for these awesome features. But we hope you don’t regret buying this Vitamix 7500 and we hope this Vitamix 7500 review is useful for you.

  • Features
  • Build Quality
  • Versatility
  • Warranty
  • Price

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